Tuesday, September 2, 2014

for fucks sake.

i have to get up early tomorrow.

because we have to do a telecon the day after a three day weekend.  because of course we do.

why would that be a problem?  you've only had THREE DAYS to go learn how not sleeping in works.

"plus, we have kids and shit, and so we wake up the same time everyday, so why does that matter?"

seriously.  this is why i hate people and wish they'd die.  not all of us get to have families, you jerks.

but anyway, i took the sleeping pill.




i'm up and writing this post, and wtf?

anyway, you'll probably get an exhibition story tomorrow.  it's written, i just need to do the last proofread on it.

sorry people who wanted more spa treatment.  i can only write what my brain wants to write.  this was the decision.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

thanks, brain. you're great

so i think i have two new parts of the exhibition series.  the concepts and ideas just popped into my head this morning.  "oh, duh, that'd be good.  but let's put in another one first."

i really need to get the spa treatment story done first, though.  i guess i'll push on that more this long weekend.

i need more days off. :-/

Thursday, August 28, 2014

so sometimes i get messages

and they're just painful to read, right?  i put the worst bits up that i could find.

but, sometimes, i just feel bad reading a thing.  it's poorly written, and a bit rambly and non-sensical, but there's a heart in it, ok?  i can tell that this guy really tried to put his best message out, but it just blew up in his face.

so even though there are lots of weird things ("i like your hair"?  dude, even i hate my hair most days.  just because i killed it years ago doesn't mean i don't totally rock the hag hair), i'm not going to post them.

you tried, dude, and even though you were a bit silly, i'm not making fun of you for that.

i mean, it's not like you sent me six dick pics and told me how cool it would be to bury me underground and only feed me cum.

good for you for owning that awkwardness and not turning it into creepy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

can't sleep, clown will eat me

so i'm back from vacation.  going on vacation where you go see friends and family and do all sorts of not your regular stuff is great.  you can be all "oh, i don't care what we have for dinner, i'm super flexible," because like, you don't have to slog out to the store to buy hard-ass cali rolls from safeway, because you got home and didn't have anything to eat in your fridge.

ok, that got super depressing way faster than i planned.

anyway, vacation was good, i enjoyed not having to think everyday, and i enjoyed playing with all the cute toddlers that i'm apparently never going to make.

there's the depression again.  sorry.

but seriously, little kids are great.  they're all like "mama, snack?"  and when she says no, they come to you, and are like "whatever, you're a fucking grown up, right?  snack?"  and then you sneak a few chips, because you're not like a monster, right?

but now i'm back going to work, and i could feel my body tense up this morning when i woke up, knowing i had to go back to the same shit as usual.  the good thing?  i went on vacation when the stuff i was working on wasn't finished.  so my boss took it over.  "this is way harder than i thought it would be." fucking THANK YOU.  i've been trying to get that point across for months now.


so, here's how things are right now:

  1. i hate not having vacation all the time.
  2. why do my parents get that channel, but i don't?  my condo is switching cable stuff next month, so i guess i'll get digital cable for free or something, but i'll have missed this whole marathon thing  by then.
  3. i still need to finish that story.  i hoped i could write it on vacation.  i had too many ovary-feels to do that.
  4. if i could convince myself that i'd be sane all the time, it'd be great to have my own family with babies and stuff.  as it is, i'm pretty sure making a baby and then dealing with it and my everyday crazy would be bad for everyone involved.
  5. did everyone see that Mr. Veterinarian has a new picture?  well, a few pictures, but only one is drawn.  the comment says it's old, but who really cares?  Mr. Veterinarian.  doing art.  for everyone to go look at and enjoy.
  6. i saw all the stuff in my news stuff, so i guess everyone else did too about the robin williams stuff.  stuff.  but like, i really think we should all just accept that at some point, people just can't deal with living anymore.  yes, it's sad, but making some one live a life they're not happy with day after day just doesn't seem like it's the right thing to do.  like locking a puppy in a tiny cage and never letting it out.
  7. no, i'm not as suicidal as i have been in the past, i'm just regular sad.  so stop being a worrier.

Monday, August 4, 2014

i mean, why can't anything go well for me?

remember when i took prescription drugs and then left my freezer wide open?

now my kitchen smells like hot rotten garbage.  i've tried all the febreeze, and i bought a smelly air freshener, and i tried to dump bleach under my fridge, but it's just stinky hot rotten garbage smell everywhere.

and i go on vacation this week, and i still hate work, and i hate travelling because it makes me super stressed out, and now i'm going to go away, and come back to my whole apartment smelling like hot rotten garbage.

because it's supposed to be a tropical storm this week, i guess, so i'll have to close all my windows and things.

i can't even figure out where the smell is coming from.  "under the fridge" is my best guess, but i can't figure out how to clean that.  do i really have to like hire people to come in to move my fridge so i can clean the stinky shit up from under it?

this is why i hate shit.  it's just too hard to get up, live a life, and do stuff everyday.  i don't want to live with garbage smell.  why do we even have garbage smells?  why don't companies make "oh, you have shitty garbage smell under your fridge.  buy our 'unsmell the shitty smell from under your fridge' product"?

i bet it's because they're jerks.  companies pretty much universally seem to be jerks.  right, oceanic?  right, google?  right...some other company i'm angry at today.  stink smell company.  why do you even exist, stink smell company?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

yay for scheduling weird posts

so.  panic attacks.

that's basically been my week.  my bosses all "DO THINGS TO BE DONE!" while i'm like "I CAN'T!"

all day.

because i'm doing vacation next week, so it's all...not going to work and stuff.

but, because i have to set up everything so other people can do my work while i'm gone, i'ts totally all panic attacks.  which is totally wonderful.

except not.

i will totally get part two of spa treatment out soonish.

i seriously don't understand people who are like "here are nine parts, it's totes cool!"

no it isn't.  i spend hours on this shit, and it takes another "the hours" to edit it to not suck so much!

"Nicole blushed bright red, leaving Mona to laugh to herself as she reversed the girls' positions"

that's a sentence! unless i change it later to be less lame.  that's kind of sucky, right?  i really need to work on dialogue.  that's where characters come to life."


i'm going to sleep now, i'll try harder tomorrow, i hope you have a great saturday, kisses and loves,


Friday, August 1, 2014

how is Lughnasadh even a word?

let alone a holiday?

sorry, someone said shit 9-6 months ago, and i can't back down from a wikipedia fight.