Wednesday, July 20, 2016

i mean

i'm thinking seriously about calling my dad and asking if this is a dumb thing to do.

my dad.

"sammy, you've never talked about your dad before!"


omg.  wtf am i doing?

i am bad with intimate relationships, and i am equally bad at choosing healthy ways to connect with people.  also jobs.  i'm kind of a fuck up.  sorry!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

super early on this, but

i may be moving.  to someplace else.  maybe.  with a different job.  possibly.

so that might make me even worse about posting.  or writing.  or all of this, really.  since.  "new job."


just wanted to say something about it, because i'm kind of freaking out a bit at the idea.

and, because i'm wonderful, i outlined a new story i won't write for three years, because i'm awful at completing things.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Exhibition: Recycling

The Exhibition: Recycling

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

oh, well, i just fucked up my soundtrack.

so, next time, click the "new post" link in a new tab, i guess.

or don't post so much music on the blog, dummy.  i mean, i guess some people are into hard angry metal, but since 90% of the time i don't listen to that, maybe don't tie on that.

but seriously, if i could kill the king of deceit, i'd do it in a moment.  fucking regicide all over this shit.

"sammy, is there a point today, or should i just expect this to disappear tomorrow?"

yes.  probably.  here are the highlights for this long weekend:

  1. i have a long weekend.  you probably don't.  you probably didn't get to have to have a king either.  like, in the far off past.  when kings were kool, and not just a singularly embodied tyranny.
  2. did i tell that one guy to go fuck himself?  i think so?  if you're that dude, posting all the comments about shit randomly, being all up in my junk, stop it.  just stop.  no.  bad dude.  be better.
  3. i am bad at writing.  i'm going to try this weekend.  no promises.  it was much harder before tumblr.  you had to earn your porn, or something.  tumblr is just all "here's the porn for today.  dug deep in the porn mine, so we've got all these enemas.  just enemas for days.  why?"  because everything eventually is commoditized, and porn has hit that tipping point.
  4. "wait, so what does that mean for your porn writing?" eventually, you'll find a better porn that more closely aligns to your personal kinks.  in the limit of t->infinity, there will be infinitely many porn writers with the same set of kinks as you have, so you'll be fulfilled at zero cost, due to the glut of appropriate kink.