Saturday, April 19, 2014


i'm chatting at you.

why aren't you sending me pictures?

you should be cooler, because you like scat.

are those pics coming?

shut up, i'm telling you how cool i am.  i'm super cool.

now you're being a bitch by telling me how much i'm not being nice.  why are you such a fucking bitch?

my dick is huge.  you'd choke on it all night long.

where are those pics?

why do you think you can chat at me?  shut up you stupid cunt!  bitches like you should be raped to sleep!

this bunny


"it means a lot to her"

i wish i could have pets, so i could have a bunny.



porn tomorrow maybe.  today?  me just freaking out over this super cute bunny being cute all over the place.


dealss with it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

three day weekend

i enjoyed that short comic. public scat humiliation.

this makes it look like all those scat tube things really wouldn't work in real life.  because they tried it.  and it doesn't look like it really worked (i can't download the video because my internet is crappy slow, so i just looked at the screen shots).

this was a good story, and if you're not sure if you want to read the story, you can look at the picture series here (with the extra one) first to check.

i liked this story too.  i'm linking to part 2, because that's where all the action is right now (it's ongoing, hopefully).  part 1 sets things up, but maybe you just want the good parts?

finally, racism.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

i really really wish

you could have someone

maybe they're assigned to you

so you could flail around like usual

but if you get to be


you just get told

"nope, you're part of this family now"

and then you'd probably be their bitch, right?  this cunt assigned to you to take care of?  not  a lot of love there.

but, you get this person.

and that person gets to be owned, and hopefully loved,

such that they don't have to cry themselves to sleep every night, and wish they could fight this social anxiety demon that is always poking their eyes.

a locked cage is better than a comfy bed, right?  as long as you know in the morning someone who loves you will let you out.  i live with the triumph of a comfy bed.  knowing i'll wake up to despair and sorrow.

sorry for the lameness tonight.  just.  i hate life, and being lonely, and sucking at dealing with people.  not your problem, i know, but if i don't share, then this all builds up inside.  follow the tumblr.  it's all me reblogging pics and stuff.  so.  that's there if you just want porn.  i'm trying to come up with a new porn story, but my brain can't get anything organized.  yes, sure, there's that candle one.  but it's kind of shitty, so i'm hoping for another one.


have a good sunday, ok?

love sammy

Monday, March 24, 2014

would you be angry if?

so, go look at this tumblr post-blog-whatdoicallthese?

i want to make a joke/story about this, where sammy calls up a guy who binds her up and puts her into a suitcase.  and then he rolls her out of the building, in front of that super sweet lady that does the guard work on the weekends.  and then does bad things to sammy, but it's ok, because sammy probably deserves it, right?

and then when he's done, he pushes her out, still naked and alone.

and she has to make her way back home, naked, and more turned on than ever.

but, i can't make it work in my head right now?  so, here's a summary of what would have happened, so now you can just pretend i did write a story like that maybe?

as a consolation thing, i'm embedding another pixiv thing.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

just a quick story, and some pics

Sammy sat naked in the chair.  The tape welded her fore arms to the cold aluminum arms of the chair.  Likewise, her calves were sealed to the legs of the chair, with feet angling down so her toes could reach the floor.  She sat quietly, anticipating what was coming next.

First, the vibrator that had been taped to the bottom of the seat turned on, shaking the entire chair, and driving Sammy's already moist vagina to buzz sympathetically.  As she felt the vibrations build with in her, she held her breath to focus on the sensations.  After a loud gasp to catch up on her air, she felt the plastic bag slide down over the top of her head.  Her ears shook with the loud "CLICK CLICK CLICK" as the ziptie was pulled tight around her neck.  She could feel it biting into her flesh, ever so slightly squeezing her throat.

She continued to focus on the building orgasm, but no matter how hard she tried to keep her breathing calm and smooth, she could feel the air in the bag growing staler and staler.  Suddenly, the vibrator shifted to a higher speed, disrupting Sammy's calm breathing.  She inhaled quickly, only to have her mouth sealed off by the plastic drawn in.  That was the moment that her lungs panicked, and she thrashed against the chair as she felt her lungs fluttering in her chest.

Just as Sammy was trying to calm her breathing down, she felt her crotch explode as the vibrator increased again.  Her entire body tensed against the unyielding metal as the orgasm washed through her body, pulling all of her muscles tight.  She flailed her head backwards, watching as her view of the ceiling exploded with flashes of light.   As the vibrators turned off, she saw the ceiling fade to grey, and then finally to black.

Sammy jerked awake, although her sudden motion did nothing to dislodge her from her bonds.  "Ready for round two?" the voice behind her asked.


anyway, i saw the first picture, the story jumped into my head, and i felt like sharing.

i also felt like sharing this image.  some days i just like chairs, i guess.

finally, the same gallery had this image:

but, see, the thing you don't know is that i had a chance to go to Tokyo for a few days last year, and the hotel i stayed in had this exact bathroom.  it's completely made of plastic, and totally sealed, so you don't have to worry about water spilling everywhere.  or, you know, messy things. ;)  it's super tiny though, which is why the camera guy is outside in the hallway.  so, mostly, this is just a chance for me to say, "hey! i've used a bathroom like that before!"

Thursday, March 20, 2014


i is sending me the blue ray and the dvd in the mail right now.

but it's still playing at my theater?

i really want to go, with my own copy, and sit through it again in the theater.

sorry, this is just me ranting about how i want to throw money at something because it tickled me in the way i wanted.

but seriously, if you haven't seen it, go go see it.